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Hello, this is James O’Toole, creator of The Spiral Sequence! Firstly thanks for checking out The Spiral Sequence. This is a one man, 100% independent solo metal project. I write, record and mix all of the music from my studio in Melbourne, Australia. I also create all of the artwork. 

I’m into writing atmospheric and experimental metal, fusing the best of old and new school influences with heavy riffs, melody and interesting textures. If you’re into the same bands that have influenced me as a songwriter like Iron Maiden, Paradise Lost, Tool, Metallica and Killing Joke, you’ll probably like The Spiral Sequence!

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  • SF Media Review

    "While most of the Australian heavy scene is focused more on the metalcore/deathcore variants, TSS is much more of a hard rocking, old-school proggy metal, not unlike a blend of IRON MAIDEN and TOOL and this latest effort, Through Shadow Into Light is awesome. Opener Blood and Ashes is a slow burning head banger reminiscent of METALLICA track King Nothing, while the heaviest song on the record, the aptly-named The Rage, is full of double-kick blasts and the most crushing riffs we’ve ever heard. The album’s musicianship is awesome as well, with none of the instruments a weak link. An impressive feat, especially considering that it’s the same guy playing everything. It takes a lot of talent to put together any one of guitar leads or drum beats, let alone all of the audio on a record. This is a great album that hearkens back to old school heavy metal and, without giving too much away, adds some features of modern metal that only improves the experience. Get in now before the rest of the world catches on. THE SPIRAL SEQUENCE is beyond world class."

    — Jeremy Vane-Tempest, SF Media

  • Rock Support Review

    "It’s impressive that one man has created an album that could be considered the soundtrack to the apocalypse, but when you add to it an astute social commentary, anthems for the working class and some mysticism as well you have an album the ‘thinking man’ can sink his teeth into... Killer guitar riffs, awesome drum work and thought provoking song writing. This could be any metal fan's favourite ‘unknown’ band. For me, at least, it’s gotten under my skin and insists upon repeated listens and it’s been a while since any album has had that effect on me."

    — Dave Smiles, Rock Support